The Monkey Trap by Melia's Papa

Why Melia’s Papa?

August 12, 2009

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My name is Dave Room
Some people call me David,
dahveed, Dee Room,
Dee Rizzle, Room, Rumi,
rheumatism, even romper
I identify as a black man
a person of color
and a citizen of the world
When I was young
the other black kids called me
banana man, yellow man,
piss colored,
light bright damn near white,
and my personal favorite Old Yeller
which recalls a Disney movie
about a boy and big yellow stray dog
in Post-Civil War Texas
The slurs stung me deeply
a transracial adoptee
with white parents
I struggled with identity issues
through college

But I’m clear now
My most important identifier
is Melia’s papa
She is my inspiration
and motivation.
She is the reason I am writing today.
Things about me
I used to be corporate
management consulting and then the internet
had dreams of a house the hill and semi-retirement at 40
now i work for pennies on the corporate dollar
at a nonprofit I co-founded
Bay Localize
I like hikes and bikes,
have a car but avoid using it
I think of myself a ovo-lacto-vegetarian.
But more than that
I am a Buddhist vegetarian
which means that I eat
whatever (within reason)
my host provides.
I do not watch television or have cable
I pick up trash at parks
If I am shooting some trash into a basket
I always pick up whatever I miss
and shoot again and again until I make it
Sometimes I dry my hands on my pants
Like growing food and medicine
and for Melia to see that
food comes from the Earth rather the store
I do yoga in room heated to 108 degrees

Blah blah blah
I could go on
But today really isn’t about me
Its about our children and nature
I think of kids and nature together
because they don’t have a choice in the matter
And its about you and what you do

    About Melia’s Papa

    Brotha from the Bay - Papa of his Inspiration - Solo Performer