The Monkey Trap by Melia's Papa

About the Monkey Trap

The Monkey Trap is a soulo metaperformance by Dave Room (aka Melia’s Papa) about the parallels between Dave’s mid-life struggles and humanity’s relationship with nature.  Soulo in that its a black man and a chair, baring a lot more than he would ever have thought.  Metaperformance in that the  performance develops a metaphor for an aspect of the human condition with the intention to catalyze understanding and change.   Dave sets up multiple scenes, playing one or more characters in each, including his daughter Melia.

The show has several versions:

  • The Monkey Trap – Debut  (R, about 25 minutes)
  • The Monkey Trap – Goodfather (PG, about 25 minutes)
  • The Monkey Trap – Full length (R, about 120 minutes)*

* Still in development

Download the PDF

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