The Monkey Trap by Melia's Papa

No Sour Grapes | November 27, 2009

I agree with you, I want to do it, now make me do it. ~  Franklin Delano Roosevelt to a group of reformers?

Though the juries still out on Obama,
there is one thing I can say for sure
We’re not stepping up.
We’re not in the streets, we’re not protesting.
We’re not taking a stand. Not like they did in the sixties.

Don’t get it twisted.  Obama let us know all along that it was all about you… If we don’t collectively step up, no sour grapes at the end of his term.


So in the big scheme of things, what do you think Obama’s role is?
Rebuild ties with the world community with engaged diplomacy?
Retire the Bush Doctrine?
Lead us into a color blind society?
Or at least a new era of tolerance?
Usher in the green economy?
Put us on a path to eliminate nuclear weapons?
Solve our Health Care mess?  Insure all Americans?

I say this in recognition that we are undergoing a shift.  Obama didn’t make the shift.  The shift made Obama.  If this is true, what did the shift make Obama to do?

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